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Tarot & Oracle Readings

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What are Tarot and Oracle Readings?


Experience the electrifying power and wonder of Tarot and Oracle readings! These practices utilize decks of cards to gain invaluable insight, guidance, and understanding into various aspects of life. With 78 cards in a typical Tarot deck, each card possesses a unique image and meaning that is spiritually rich and enlightening. Alternatively, Oracle cards can vary in number and design and are crafted with specific themes or intended purposes in mind. 


With personal symbolism and higher spiritual guidance as guides, the interpretation of Tarot and Oracle cards relies on the intuition, expertise, and experience of the reader. These readings can be a powerful tool for self-discovery, reflection, and personal growth that will leave you excited about your future and motivated for positive change in your life! For entertainment only, though the insights are bound to spellbind you!

60 minutes $55

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South Ogden, UT 84405

Tel and Text: 385-732-4061

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