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Margo Lynn  


My ongoing story is that of a survivor, and I embrace it with unwavering positivity. From the very beginning, I've been fortunate to grow up in a home filled with love and stability. 


During my youth, I was a beacon of creativity, aspiring to excel in every endeavor. Education held great importance, influenced by my father as an educator. Maintaining good grades and engaging in subjects of interest was a natural path. 


I discovered an escape from reality into the pages of books of all kinds. With my educational background, I took a leap of faith and established a business at the age of 19. This encouraged me to continue excelling in education while building a business as my guiding light.


As I navigated through life, I encountered situations that shaped my journey, including becoming a single mother at 20. Fast forward to the present, I'm now the proud mother of six incredible children, each brimming with unique qualities and captivating personalities.


Through my life's journey, I've discovered that not all lessons come from books, yet I continue to collect them as treasures. My favorite places are libraries, coffee shops and serene nature spots, where I can lose myself in a book's embrace.


One quote I hold dear is: "Life is a journey, enjoy the trip. Aim for the sky, but move slowly, enjoying every step along the way. It is all those little steps that make the journey complete. The journey is a reward." - Chanda Kochhar.


Despite facing trauma, enduring injuries, and embracing opportunities, I've carved out new paths for myself. Experiences such as surviving close encounters with death, navigating life-altering injuries, leaving abusive relationships to undergoing divorce, I've learned that life is transient, fleeting, and each experience holds a unique value. These experiences have taught me to seek validation, acceptance, solace, and inner peace from within. In this journey, I've learned to slow down, relinquish the frenzy of life, and truly cherish the moments we often overlook in our daily routines. It's through this process that intuition deepens, senses sharpen, and the simple joys of our surroundings become steadfast companions. In finding myself, I've discovered an abundance beyond measure.


Through this platform, I share my journey, highlighting the tools that have helped me progress day by day. From the most trying times to the uproarious moments of laughter, each experience has its own purpose, timed precisely for us. We are always where we are meant to be, a product of the experiences that ground us and propel us forward. The spark within us remains ceaseless. Our future resides in our feelings, beliefs, and how we perceive ourselves, but it's also a part of the present. If we can think, feel, taste, smell, and see it, then it's real at this very moment. Our brains don't differentiate.


My mission is to share my journey, hoping to inspire each one of you. Your life holds value, you are significant, you are more than enough, and you are deserving. Every aspect of you matters!


Remember, you've got this! Embrace the journey, revel in every step, and savor each moment!


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